Drawworks 1625DE

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NOV 1625DE 3000HP




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Fully Refurbished National Oilwell 1625DE 3000HP Drawworks for sale - Manufactured by NOV - Refurbishment consist of the following: Fully Reconditioned Drawworks Assembly • Main Drumshaft, Jackshaft, Catshaft & Motor Shaft rebuilt with all new American Bearings • New Brake Bands, Pins & Linkage. • High & Low Clutches rebuilt with new parts as necessary. • Transmission, Low Drum Drive & Catshaft converted to Air Cylinder Shifting. • New Dive Chains fitted throughout. • All new Stainless Steel Air Lines & Galvanised Water Pipework • New Drillers Control Console • New Air Control Lines, Valves & Controls • New Air/Water Stuffing Boxes • New Lebus Grooving for 1-1/2” Drilling Line. Drill line clamp included. • Make Up & Break Out Catheads completely refurbished with all new parts • Baylor 7838 Eddycurrent Brake c/with coupling and test certification • MPI inspection of all critical areas of the Drawworks frame • MPI of all load path components and critical areas of shaft assemblies • Dimensional control of all shafts, journals and critical components • Installation & Alignment of Shaft Assemblies in frame. • New Oil Pump & Drive Chain. • New Crown-0-Matic Crown Saver installed. • 100% Blast & Paint of all non-machined components with 2 part Marine Epoxy Paint. • Internal Frame & Guards painted with Oil Resistant 2 part Epoxy Paint. - A complete Equipment Data Pack will be provided. - Drawworks Assembly includes: • Three (3) Remanufactured GE-752 Shunt Wound 1000HP DC Motors with Stainless Steel 10HP Blower Assemblies & Stainless Steel Junction Boxes. • 7838 Baylor Eddy Current Brake • Make Up & Break Out Catheads • Air operated Transmission Controls • Drillers Console Control panel with all new Control Valves, Gauges etc. - This Drawworks is complete and ready for immediate delivery. - Located in Singapore - Price is US$ 975K Ex-Works - Contact: info@rigfinder.com

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